Annual Meeting – August 21, 2022

The Robin Meadows HAO annual meeting is Sunday, August 21, 2022. It will be held in the common area lawn in the middle of the property. Check-in is 6:45pm, meeting starts at 7:00pm.

Two board member terms are up for election or re-election.

Agenda includes:
* Introduction of current board and officers
* Nominations and elections for open positions
* Financial report
* New business as brought up by members

A brief board meeting may follow the annual meeting for the purpose of selecting officers among the new board.

Owners should have received notice in the mail. If you have not please contact us promptly.

Email sent to Owners

The HOA board has sent emails to all listed home owners. Please check your junk or spam folder if you did not see one.

If you still don’t find it please contact us.

We are reaching out to all of you to get input on upcoming projects and share information. It’s important we have a way to get your feedback!

Thank you.
– Robin Meadows Board

Dog Attack Warning

Wednesday night while walking his dogs, a resident was attacked by what is believed to be a dark colored pit bull mix. This attack occurred near the big oak tree at the back entry to the neighborhood. The dog has yet to be located by authorities. Please be extra careful with pets and children and please report to Bonnie Hayes at 503.846.7041, or Hillsboro Police at 503.681.6190, if you see a dog matching that description.

Gutter Cleaning: Dec. 7 – 9, 2020

Gutter Cleaning is scheduled for Monday, December 7th through Wednesday the 9th. Please accommodate workers when necessary. It is uncertain if they will be using residents’ water or their own. We have found in the past that if they use your water and happen to use it for your neighbor it is not a significant amount. Thanks for being neighborly if that happens to you. Happy Holidays everyone!

Bluebird Drive and east Robin Circle Closed Sept. 28 & 29

Bluebird Drive and the east side of Robin Circle will be closed starting 8am Monday, September 28 (see red sections of map below) and vehicles will not be allowed until Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

It’s very important to follow road closure signs or cones blocking use during this project to protect your investment in our road. Thank you for your patience.