Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find an ARC Application and why do I need one?

You can find the ARC Application by clicking here or on the key documents page. Since the HOA is responsible for the exterior maintenance of Robin Meadows, it is important that each homeowner abide by the CC&R’s as well as obtain permission from the board before making any exterior changes to their property. This includes the installation of satellite dishes, window air conditioning units, excessive lawn ornaments, as well as completing or changing your backyard.

Why does the HOA have a management company? What is an HOA?

Because we are a small property, the HOA can manage many of the issues associated with our property. However, the Robin Meadows Board of Directors has chosen to work with Superior Community on a participatory agreement to assist us in processing the monthly dues as well as resolving homeowner issues. This agreement insures that homeowners receive prompt response to their questions.

How do I resolve an issue with my neighbor?

Most issues between neighbors are civil issues, thus, please talk with your neighbor first before contacting Superior Management or the HOA Board of Directors. For issues which might be in violation of the CC&R’s, please contact the board or Superior Community Management. The City of Hillsboro talso has a mediation program that can help neighbors resolve disputes.

What are the CC&R’s and why are they important?

The Covenant, Conditions, and Restrictions document governs certain actions that homeowners must abide by. This document can be found on the Downloads page if you do not have a copy. Homeowners who are found to be in violation of certain aspects of the CC&R’s will get two warnings and then may begin to be fined. For this reason, please read and understand the CC&R’s to avoid any violations.

What are the most common violations of CC&R’s?

A review of the tips to being a good neighbor will give you an idea about the most common complaints the Association Board receives.

Are there By-Laws that govern the boards actions?

Yes there are, you can read the By-Laws here.

What do I contact in case of an emergency? Who do I contact? How?

Go to contact webpage and call Superior Community Management for any emergency issues.

Who are the board members?

The Board of Directors for Robin Meadows are five homeowners who volunteer their time to help make Robin Meadows a better place to live. The first 15 minutes of every meeting is an open discussion where you are welcome to share your ideas and concerns with the board.